All the knit and crocheted items, in this category, were made by me, as design samples for their respective patterns, and are available in limited quantity.

Teddy Sweatshirt Jacket
The Teddy Bear Collection Sweatshirt Jackets, design samples
When I started the Sweatshirt Jacket for Kids, it struck me that a matching teddy bear pattern would be most appropriate, especially for younger children’s bears! So, I began a jacket with the one largish bear I had – a Gund¨ bear that has been well-loved for 21 years. This bear is rather rotund with a very large head, and short arms and legs. In my subsequent search for typical bear sizes, I discovered there really aren’t any! Teddy bears come in all sizes and shapes – much like people, but generally, they are not proportioned like people. So I chose 3 bear lengths and designed a jacket to fit all 3, in an effort to cover a wider range of the teddy bear sizes a child might own. The jacket has most of the design details of the full-sized Sweatshirt Jackets, with a few small changes to accommodate the unique sizing of a teddy bear. Available are the 3 hooded jackets you see, in grey, rust-brown or purple.  
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Twin Rib Warmer Set
Twin Rib Warmer Set, design samples
Available are 3 Twin Rib Warmer Set design samples, made for my hand knitting pattern, Twin Rib Warmer Set. Each set includes a neck warmer and pair of fingerless mitts/wrist warmers. The original sample was knit in soft (Sweet Grass) Targhee Wool, hand dyed in Lavender. When these hand-dyed yarns were no longer available, I re-issued the pattern, knitting the samples in Ecru and Ruby Cascade Yarns beautiful Cloud yarn (70% undyed merino wool, 30% undyed baby alpaca.) This yarn is very soft, yet, due to their cabled structure, give an interesting terrycloth-like fabric.
These sets are practical, yet stylish and feminine. The neck warmer is shaped through a change in needle size, to create the gentle shoulder flare. The matching wrist warmers are shaped with a thumb gusset. The fan stitch crochet edging softens the vertical lines and adds a feminine touch. There is only one of this design in each color, and is priced below the cost of materials and time, as I need to clear out my overflowing design sample closet!
Price includes Priority Mail within the US. Perfect for yourself (or your favorite teen) to use this winter or to give in the coming holiday season!
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Lily Blossoms II Socks
Lily Blossoms Socks, design sample
[pinit] Available is one pair of woman's stranded colorwork socks design sample, made for my hand knitting pattern Lily Blossoms Socks II. I contrasted 4 jewel tones with natural white, which make the colors sing. Knit in Brown Sheep Top of the Lamb Sport wool yarn, in Blanche, Future Purple, Great Grape, Peacock and Mallard. There is only one of this design in these colors, and is priced below the cost of materials and time, as I need to clear out my overflowing design sample closet! Price includes Priority Mail within the US and First Class International Parcel to Canada. Perfect for yourself (or your favorite teen) to wear this winter into spring or give as a holiday gift!
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Houndstooth Mittens
Handknit Houndstooth Mittens, design samples
[pinit] This listing is for a choice of 2 pairs of handknit stranded colorwork wool mittens, made for my hand knitting pattern, Houndstooth Mittens. (ONLY the center 2 pairs remain – see below.) Available, center left – Worsted wt. - 3 colors: Cascade Yarns Cascade 220: #7803 Magenta, #8393 Navy and #8010 Natural Available, center right – Chunky wt. - 2 colors: Cascade Yarns 128 Chunky Tweed, 90% Peruvian Highland wool / 10% Donegal: #7625 Tan and Cascade Yarns 128 Chunky Solid: #7628 Natural
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Girl’s Mittens, size 8-10, design sample
[pinit] Available is one pair of girl's mittens, size 8-10.  Free First Class postage.
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Penelope Cowl, design sample
[pinit] Available is one (1) Penelope Cowl Neck Warme, in bulky weight alpaca/merino wool. The Old Shell stitch pattern, worked in more than one color, highlights the undulating nature of the stitch pattern, reminiscent of waves upon the shore, or the lines on a scallop shell. Knit in Kraemer Yarns lovely, new incarnation of their soft Alpaca Handknitting Yarn, which is now blended with 30% merino, so there's still plenty of alpaca drape and softness, but now has better body. Both the alpaca and merino fiber come from US sources and are spun in Pennsylvania, giving us a beautiful, natural fiber yarn, with a smaller carbon footprint than imported yarns, and at a reasonable price. This cowl will add a soft, warm accessory to your wardrobe, as well as make an ideal gift!
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Shaped Accessories
Shaped Accessories – Scarves, Belts & Neckties, design samples
[pinit] Available are 8 accessory design samples, which can be used as a skinny scarf, belt or tie. Samples 7, 8 and 9 were the original scarf/belt samples, made for my Curvaceous Cables book (2005), then later released as a separate pattern. When the yarns become discontinued, I revived the designs in several newer, and more interesting Cascade Yarns. I've also expanded their applications, so depending on the yarn used, either design could be a scarf, belt, or necktie. Free First Class postage.  
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new Pillbox with Roll Brim, design sample
[pinit] I have available one Pillbox Hat, small child size, in Plymouth Yarn Alpaca Boucle, color amethyst. Comes with one yellow crocheted rose attached.  
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Twisted Cable Neck Warmer & Shoulderette 4
Twisted Cable Neck Warmer, design sample
[pinit] Available is one pullover Twisted Cable Neck Warmer, in Cascade Yarns Ecological wool, color Tarnish (charcoal grey).
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Flower Garden Neck Warmer
Flower Garden Neck Warmer, design samples
[pinit] Available are 2 buttoned, crochet neck warmer design samples, in either hand-dyed Targhee wool or cashmere. Would make a lovely holiday gift! Free First Class postage.
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Crochet Mini bag, in Cranberry, design sample
[pinit] Available is one (1) Crochet Mini Bag, in cranberry. This bag is the perfect size for a cell phone or car keys, credit card and lipstick! The magnetic snaps keep the top opening secure. This bag would make a lovely gift! Free First Class postage.  
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Flower Basket Purse
Flower Basket Purse, design sample
[pinit] Available is one adorable knit and crocheted Flower Basket Purse, in Georgia Rose with geranium flowers and straps.  The flower embellishment and picot mesh strap are crocheted in Patons Soy Wool Stripes, a wool and bamboo blend yarn. The long color lengths within this striping yarn create a subtle movement from one color to the next. The purse body is knit in a basket weave stitch pattern in one of Peace Fleece's lovely heather color blends. Free First Class postage.
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Floral Brooches
Floral Brooches, design samples
[pinit] Available are 2 Sunflower beaded brooch/pin design samples. The beading at the center of the sunflowers is stitched on after the sunflower was knit. Free First Class postage.
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Alpaca Boucle Purses, design samples
[pinit] Available are 2 Alpaca Boucle Purses, from my pattern, Alpaca Boucle Kimono Jacket and Purse pattern. Knit in Plymouth Yarn Alpaca Boucle, then fulled. These will make a lovely gift!  
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Sweatshirt Jacket for Women
Sweatshirt Jacket for Women, design sample, lightly used
[pinit] Available is one (1) lightly used Sweatshirt jacket, for Women, in size M (47" finished chest). It was knit in Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky in a wear-with-everything charcoal grey. This woman's jacket version is made with just 1 strand of bulky yarn, and, though it is warm, it is not as heavy a jacket as the original. I also made some changes to the original – this pattern has no hood. I don't like hoods, myself, and was finding that many women were knitting the jacket for themselves, not their husbands, as was the intent of the original design. I do, however, like a foldover ribbed collar, so that is what I have used in this version. I have also kept the upper body patterning, the zipper closure, and the slanted pockets, that are typical to a sweatshirt, giving it it's distinctive look.
Size: M Chest: 47" (zipped), Length: 26" Yarn Used: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky, 85% wool /15% mohair. Free Priority Mail.
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