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Customer Comments:

Hi Dawn,

Just wanted to let you know how much fun I'm having with the "Curvaceous Cables Collection" book! My current sock knitting has taken a back seat for a while. I just finished the 2nd cabled headband - what fun! Almost done with the 1st belt too! Such inspiration. I love the technique and hope to work on a few of my own favorite cables one of these days.

Keep up the good work. Thanks!


My latest small booklet is about my experience with Cancer, Chemo and Radiation. It's just 12 pages and it's free. If it can be of any help to anyone who is going through or will go through Cancer treatment, I will be happy to have shared my story with you!

Living Through Chemo and Radiation

5/11/13 Update
Books are temporarily unavailable (except for Curvaceous Cables, as it's on Ravelry), until I redesign/reconfigure a new shopping cart system on my new webhost. Thank you for your patience!

  • Garden Babies

  • Curvaceous Cables

  • Love Collection

  • Winter Scarf Collection

  • Handknits in Maine Wool

  • Handknits in Lopi

  • Charting Your Way Through Heel Turns

  • Heel Help

  • PDF: $16.95
    (4.2 MB file)

    5 Baby Blanket Designs Inspired by Nature

    One day I saw a flower quilt and thought, how adorable! Then I wondered if I could knit a flower. A large flower!

    That thought led to the Flower Baby Blanket, which was just the beginning. Immediately, I made a list of flowers, vegetables, fruit, and other flora and fauna which could become fun, whimsical baby blankets to knit for one's own little ones or to give as shower gifts.

    I used the same yarn throughout the designs - Cascade Yarns Eco+. The Eco and Eco+ yarns come in large hanks, for far less joining. They come in a great color range, both natural and dyed. They're soft, and they're reasonably priced - what more could one ask for?!

    The blankets are worked with doubled strands of yarn, so all the projects are quick to make.

    These designs are certainly useful as blankets, but they can also be used to add colorful art to the nursery as wall hangings.

    The book is 8.5 x 11" in size, 37 pages in length, full-color, with spiral binding and clear protective front and rear covers. There are 5 blanket designs, in text and charts.

    How to Shape a Cable's Inner and Outer Edges
    Including 6 Shaped Cable Designs

    This idea for this book was born after designing the Double Knot Cable Scarf. It is a beautiful cable. However, I thought its beauty was hindered being surrounded by purl stitches, as cables usually are. So I devised a way to increase and decrease along its outer edges to "free* the cable to show its true form. This first exploration into shaping cables led me to write this book.

    The book is 8.5 x 11" in size, 36 pages in length, full-color, with spiral binding and clear protective front and rear covers. The first half of the book is comprised of 5 how-to chapters that walk the knitter through the shaping of cables, from simple to complex. The remainder of the book has 6 shaped cable designs, listed at left. Using the concept for your own designs necessitates the ability to read cable charts. The designs, however have BOTH chart and text directions. So even if you don't like charts, you can make the designs in the book.

    Errata - pg. 32. Shaped Cable (text - chart is correct):
    Rows 1 and 3 (WS): P4, k7, p7.
    Row 2 (RS): K7, p7, k4.
    Row 22: P1, 3/3RC, p6, 3/1LPC, k1.

    PDF: $11
    (2.7 MB file)


    Kimono Jacket

    This is a collection of 5 coordinating designs, knit in Plymouth Yarns Alpaca Boucle. This yarn is wonderfully soft and very reasonable in price for an alpaca yarn. It is easy to knit and comes in some fabulous color blends. I've made the samples in natural white and a beautiful blend of fuschia and orange, that has a bright raspberry overall appearance. The designs share the familiar X and O (kisses and hugs) cable pattern, but are used in a way that best accentuates each piece.

    There's a wonderfully easy-to-wear kimono jacket in 2 sizes - 44" and 52" finished chest measurements. It has waist shaping for a feminine silhouette and clasps that nestle into the X cables on the front band. The front band is worked separately in one piece and slip stitched on. It hugs the back of the neck nicely.

    Mittens and cloche are in 2 sizes - woman's medium and large. A wide scarf, perfect for winter and a purse with bobble closure option finish the collection. Wear the pieces alone or together. Knit them for yourself or knit the accessories as gifts!

    The booklet is 22 pages in length, 8.5 x 11" in size and is solid ink printed on heavy, smooth 32 lb. stock, spiral bound with clear plastic front and rear covers, for protection against wear.

    PDF: $10
    (2.5MB file)

    Click here to view scarves

    There are patterns for 6 thick and warm winter scarves:
    • 2 stranded scarves, worked circularly in Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky
    • 1 cabled scarf, worked circularly, in doubled Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca DK
    • 1 cabled scarf, worked flat along its short edge, in Bartlettyarns Fisherman Bulky
    • 1 slip stitch scarf, worked flat along its long edge, in Plymouth Yarns Alpaca BouclŽ
    • 1 woven scarf, worked flat along its short edge, in doubled Plymouth Yarns Alpaca BouclŽ
    I created these 6 designs to offer the knitter a range of knitting styles, widths, lengths, and yarns - from thickly soft and fuzzy to rustic, textured, and smooth luxury.

    Solid ink printed on smooth, heavy 32 lb. stock with 67 lb inside front and rear covers, spiral bound with clear plastic front and rear covers, for protection against wear.

    PDF: $10
    (4 MB file)

    PDF: $10
    (4.7 MB file)

    PDF: $7
    (1 MB file)


    This instructional booklet provides an easy way for a sock knitter or designer to chart V, French and Dutch heel turnings.

    Sock knitters now have a way to double-check pattern instructions and sock pattern designers have a way to accurately plot out any size heel turn for a pattern, without having to knit all the sizes, nor be proficient in spreadsheet formulas.

    Step-by-step charts and explanations are given for the three typical flap heel turnings,using both odd and even heel flap stitch counts.

    19 pages, 5.5 x 11" in size, solid ink printed on quality 32-lb stock,


    Do you prefer row-by-row instructions for turning sock heels, but the sock patterns you use don't give them?

    Would you prefer to use a different heel shaping, than what is offered in the sock patterns you use? Then, Heel Help is for you!

    I have collated the directions for each heel turning style into 8.5" x 11" formatted PDF files. Each heel turn PDF includes the stockinette AND the heel stitch directions, in both odd and even heel stitch counts.

    V-Heel PDF Price: $5

    French Heel PDF Price: $5

    Dutch Heel PDF Price: $5

    When using Heel Stitch, the turnings will look best (flow from the heel flap) if the flaps are worked, thus:

    For odd # of flap sts:
    Row 1: *K1, sl 1; rep from *, end k1.
    Row 2: Purl across.

    For even # of flap sts:
    Row 1: *Sl 1, k1; rep from * across.
    Row 2: Sl 1, purl across.

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