About the Designer


I have been designing hand knitting patterns professionally, since 1993 and self-publishing, since 1996.Dozens of patterns have been designed for a variety of knitting publications, listed below, along with designer interviews.My designs range from updated classic wearables to Nature-inspired whimsical baby blanket and home decor, to innovatively shaped cable knits.

About the Patterns

Almost all my designs are knit on circular needles, either in the round or back and forth on circulars, as I aim for the least amount of finishing.

I try to make my patterns easy-to-follow, and any technique specific to that design is explained within the pattern, along with a complete abbreviations list for that pattern.

All color charts, and most cable and lace charts, are in COLOR. And line by line instructions are always included with charted designs.

 About the Hand Knits

Designing hand knitting patterns doesn’t leave one with much time for knitting! Most of designing involves math and computer time. I recently decided that I missed knitting, and with over 100 hand knitting patterns available, I decided I could take a little time to knit up a few of my most favorite designs, so that non-knitters, (or knitters in a rush to procure that special gift) can have a lovely item, hand knit by the designer!

 About the Hand Spun Yarn

A bit about me as a spinner and general fiber artisan!Long before I taught myself to knit and design hand knitting patterns, I was a serious hand spinner, natural dyer and weaver. I spun everything from cotton to horsehair, mostly enjoying Romney and yearling mohair, alone and blended.

The kids went off to school every day, and I dove into washing fleece, picking and carding it, spinning, then dyeing it, and sometimes spinning it again, into sturdy 3-ply rug yarns, from which I made hooked area rugs, of my own design.

I spun and wove weft-faced Lincoln wool area rugs, wove a rag rug stair runner, blankets, place mats and dish toweling. As I’ve returned to hand spinning, I also hope to return to weaving, one day.

There are 3 scents in the world that enthrall me – heirloom Bourbon roses, lilacs and the lanolin scent of freshly washed fleece or minimally-processed wool yarn!  I am so pleased, that after a hiatus or more than 20 years, to have returned to hand spinning. I hope you’ll enjoy knitting and crocheting with these yarns as much as I enjoyed making them!


I do not have these back issues for sale, but, am listing them here, for your reference only.

Voyageur Press, edited by Kari Cornell

Winter Garden Hat and Mittens is enclosed in the collection,
Knitting Hats & Mittens from Around the World

34 heirloom Patterns in a Variety of Styles and Techniques
Edited by Kari Cornell
144 pgs, Hardcover


Voyageur Press, edited by Kari Cornell

Cowichan-Inspired Swallows & Ivy Wrap Cardigan is enclosed in the collection,
Knitting Sweaters from Around the World

18 heirloom Patterns in a Variety of Styles and Techniques
Edited by Kari Cornell
144 pgs, Hardcover



Voyageur Press, edited by Kari Cornell

Bohus-Style Peerie Socks is enclosed in the collection,
Knitting Socks from Around the World

25 Patterns in a Variety of Styles and Techniques
Edited by Kari Cornell
160 pgs, Hardcover



Patterns or info enclosed in Barbara Bretton’s novels:

Nine Tips for Knitters is enclosed in BB’s novel,
Casting Spells
, 2008

Mini Stocking Cap is enclosed in BB’s novel,
Spun by Sorcery
, 2010

Baby’s First Cardigan is enclosed in BB’s novel,
Spells & Stitches
, 2011

DRG/Annie’s Attic/House of White Birches

Ruffled Blocks Baby Blanket is enclosed in the collection,
The Best From Annie’s Attic A Year of Afghans

52 projects to keep you knitting every week of the year
Edited by Kara Gott Warner
128 pgs, Softcover


Pineapple Hearts is enclosed in the collection,
Simple Hip Knit Scarves

14 Easy Everyday Knits
Edited by Kara Gott Warner
48 pgs, Softcover


Knit ‘n Style

Spring 2010 – Breath of Spring cardigan


Spring ’96 (COVER)- Lace Sampler
Fall ’96 – Evergreen (men’s pullover)
Holiday ’96 – Party Animals (bear ensembles)
Winter ’96 (COVER) – Irish Shepherd (ladies’ pullover)
Spring ’97 – Sweet Nights (afghan)
Fall ’97 (COVER) – Turkish Jacket (ladies)
Holiday ’97 – Inside Squares (boys’ pullover)
Winter ’97 – Snowfall (men’s cardigan)
Spring ’98 – Navy Waves (ladies’ pullover)
Summer ’98 – Butterfly Lace (ladies’ cardigan)
Fall ’98 – Leaves on the Pond (men’s pullover)
Winter ’98 – Finlandia (ladies’ pullover)
Winter ’98 – Houndstooth Jacket (ladies)

Knitting Digest

Jan. ’97 – Brick Walk Vest (men’s)
July ’97 – Dayflower Camisole (ladies)
July ’97 – Ruffled Blocks Baby Blanket
July ’97 – Lacy Summer Purse
Sept. ’97 – (COVER) Rose Garden Afghan
Nov. ’97 – Country Quilt Cardigan (ladies)
Nov. ’97 – Christmas Booties (ladies)
Nov. ’97 – Team Spirit Cardigan (girls)
Jan. ’98 – Quick & Cozy Slipper Socks (ladies)
Mar. ’98 – Rose Quilt Vest (ladies)
July ’98 – Ribs and Cables Afghan
Nov. ’98 – (COVER) Woods Jacket (ladies)
May ’99 – Floral Embroidered Afghan
March 2000 – March Winds Afghan
March 2000 – Almost Aran Jacket
March 2000 – Strawberry Patch Cardigan & Hat
Jan. 2001 – Felted Crios Hat and Mittens
Jan. 2001 – Cabled Gansey Afghan
March 2001 – Tudor Afghan
Sept. 2001 – Folk Art Santa’s Christmas Stocking

House of White Birches
“Knitting Playtime Sweaters for Kids”, booklet of Spinrite yarn designs, “Easy Stripes”, pg. 8.
“The Complete Knitting Collection”, Series #1 – Woven Plaid Afghan.
“The Complete Knitting Collection”, Series #3 – Rose Point Twill Vest
“The Complete Knitting Collection”, Series #17A – Houndstooth Vest & Skirt
“The Complete Knitting Collection”, Series #19 – Lotus Tunic & Ribbed Skirt
“The Complete Knitting Collection”, Series #20A – Bavarian Alps Lap Throw
“The Complete Knitting Collection”, Series #22A – Winner’s Choice Pullover

Baby Cables Bootie Socks – HOWB’s “101 Knitting-to-Go Projects”
Edelweiss Winter Dress – HOWB’s “101 Knitting-to-Go Projects”
Golden Ferns Counterpane Afghan & Pillow – HOWB’s “101 Knitting-to-Go Projects”


Winter ’95 – Blocks Meet Triangles (afghan)
Spring ’96 (COVER) – Featherweight Fantasy (lace shawl)

Featherweight Fantasy is also enclosed in
The Best of Knitter’s Magazine, Shawls and Scarves

Edited by Nancy J. Thomas
105 pgs, Softcover


Fall ’96 – Sweatshirt Jacket (men’s)

Family Circle Knitting

Fall ’96 – Shawl-Collar Cardigan (men’s)
Fall ’96 – V-Neck Pullover (ladies)
Winter ’97-98 – Aran Cabled Pillow

Interweave Knits

Summer ’98 – Sassy Sacks


“Bi-Directional Construction of Socks”, article in the Spring 2004 issue, Vol.3 No. 12
Bi-Directional Socks, pattern, in the same issue

Exclusive Designs for Amazing Threads

Approx. 10 designs n the 2002 Amazing Threads Folio
Hedera, ’96
Renaissance Hat, ’96 (Written up in the Poughkeepsie Journal newspaper, 9/24/96!)
Jabot, ’96

Designer Interviews and Articles
Professional Knitwear Designer’s Guild Newsletter, Designer Profile, 10/96
Professional Knitwear Designer’s Guild Newsletter, Member Profile, 6/99
Knit Design Newsletter, by Celeste Pinheiro, Vol 1 #1, Fall/Winter ’98, Designer Profile
Herrschner’s Craft Talk Newsletter, Summer/Fall ’99, article: “Yoked Pullovers Made Easy” and “Meet Dawn Brocco, Designer”

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