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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just One Shining Candlestick

What a day!

Sat in one of those breezy hospital gowns for 1/2 an hour waiting on the rad onc for my 3-month checkup. The patient before me apparently needed way more than the usual amount of doctor interfacing.

BTW, hospital gowns should come in 2 weights - that short-sleeved, cotton summer weight and a long-sleeved, thick flannel weight for winter. I sat there with my down jacket on over the gown, lest the cool breeze they call heat, that was blowing from the FHA ducts, turn me blue.

Which made us late getting home, which made hubby late for work and me to get some food finally into my stomach. Which made me tired when I shouldn't have been!

The dog also decided to leave me a trail of *gifts* down the hall and on the rug. I kept reminding myself, he's 15, he's 15, he's 15, instead of yelling at him.

Which meant I had to get out the carpet cleaner, again, and clean the family room carpet.

I already had enough to do today, but ain't that always the way when Murphy's at it.

Yesterday was also stew day, so out comes the arsenal of ingredients and cooking paraphernalia, in between 2 loads of laundry to do, and all the dishes, then an email from our agent - a showing for today. I do a quick mental appraisal of the house, and am glad I cleaned the carpet and not put it off! But add clean the bathroom again to the list.

But leave it to my husband to add levity to the house-prep chores.

I'm walking around the dining room table this morning, collecting all the silver, while he's staring at me wondering why I'm doing this.
me, reading his mind: They have to be polished.
him: No they don't.
me: Yes, they do, they're getting tarnished. Can't have a bunch of dull metals in the house dulling the house up for showings. Could you get me the brass candlesticks, so I can polish them too?
him: ALL of them?
me: No, just one. YES, all of them!
him: From the dining room AND the parlor?
me, groaning: YES!
him: With the candles or without?
me, thinking I should have just gone and got them myself: Oy, with the candles, so I can put the right ones back into the right candlesticks. You belong to the School of Lazy Man Housework, don't you?
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