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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

short row /wrap and turn video

My new favorite coffee/tea/cocoa mug:

part of a pretty tea set - gift from MomB and Roxie.

Garden beds coming along - 3 composted, 4th weeded.
Also weeded more of the gravel paths.

And have been doing some of what we call (every year) pick-up-sticks.
The winter storm mess of branches, large and small,
that come-a-blowin' down out of all these trees.

We *really* need to hire some young bodies to do the real lawn cleanup, tho - especially the lawn in front of the pond with all, ALL the downed willow branches,
as they're a real pain (VERY tiring) to rake up.

My latest video - how to do a wrap and turn when working short rows:


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