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Monday, July 30, 2007

new shops, animals, designs

2 new shops:

Ewenique Yarns
Maggie Kackovitz
130 N. Bond St., BelAir, MD 21014-3580

Mountain Knits and Pearls
Joanne Deardorff
114 Washington St., East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

They'll be on my retailers page tomorrow.

Am working on the 3rd and final tea cozy sample - boy, small projects sure are a treat!

The Butterfly Baby Blanket took so long to design and chart. I don't look to tackle complex designs, one after the other. I like to work a balance of designs. Not only does it rest the mind, but the designer (moi) gets to see something get actualized within my lifetime! I exaggerate, but it tends to feel that way.

I'm generally a product designer. Like process and product knitters. Same for designers. I have my process moments and designs - like freeing cables from their background stitches, or knit-in (not sewn in) shoulder straps worked in another color.

There definitely are times that good knitting design requires architectural thinking, but I'd pull my hair out (if I could grab it - it's so short), if ALL my designs required such mental convolutions to actualize.

Oh, and BTW, looks like a local absconded with the dead deer sometime before Sunday morning, though we didn't see nor hear anyone, and would have, if they had come by during the day.

Thanks, Karin, for your kind remark! I love animals. One doesn't own land, really. It belongs as much to the animals who live here, as it does to us. And how much more enriched my life is, because I can see deer, a bunny, hawks, a flock or 2 of turkeys in October or geese in our pond in the spring. Even the herons who ate our carp and that persistent woodchuck who kept tunneling into my veggie garden.

Sure, I love the city landscape/hardscape. The architectural details of NYC buildings could give me a permanently craned neck, not to mention the beckoning of Bloomie's sale racks, as one tries to walk past. But everything is so hard - there is little to balance the concrete that begins underfoot and reaches upward.

I used to look at the trees, allowed their little square of dirt, covered with iron grating, within the concrete, and wonder how happy they were, being forced to live with so little, like a beggar on the street. I could just feel myself wanting to burst out.

Give me Nature and fun knits to design - can't wait to show you the tea cozies. I pulled out the perfect color china to balance the cozies' colors. Here's to photos that work out well, without having to take them over and over, ad nauseum!


Saturday, July 28, 2007

something lighter

Hubby says that when I get old and have Alzheimer's, no-one's really gonna understand me, then. To which I retorted that no-one understands me now, so it won't be a new experience for me, and if you people (meaning my loved ones) can't understand me after all these decades, well, then, you get what you get.

This tete-a-tete arose as I was browsing Architectural Digest and noticed a house with a standing seam roof, which also covered the... (now what's that thing called, I thought to myself), then quickly said "spigot". That quizzical look came over him and he said "cupola?" "No the other thing", I say. "Oh, C H I M N E Y!", he said. Yeah, that's it.

Wellll, turn the house on it's side and the chimney reminds me of a spigot, what can I say, that's the way my mind works.

I told him, he needs to think outside the box, then he'd get it. But, it's more fun, if he doesn't. Then I get to torture him with my weirdness, which is the word DD uses to describe her dear, beloved mother. And she's not a teen any more. It's one thing when teenagers think you're weird - that's normal. She's 27.

A recent conversation with said daughter revealed the reason I used to get these poker-faced blank looks from her, well, ALL the time, when I asked her something or told her something. So I asked her if she was aware that she was giving this look. Oh, yeah, it's when someone says something weird or stupid to me. At least I fall into the former category.

New tea cozy design is coming along nicely - should have something to show you soon.


sad saturday

Our house sits on a shortish stretch of road between 2 curves, one sharp, the other, a soft bend in the road.

The sharp turn is the problem. People zip around it, almost always in the middle of the road, as well. Just before this turn is the edge of our property and the route the deer take as they wander through the woods on the other side of the house, across the rear lawn, up the side of the pond, across the bit of lawn in front of the pond, before crossing the road - near this turn.

So, for nearly 13 years, whenever I see the deer near the road, I mentally tell them to be careful and cross quickly, don't linger. I'm particularly tense if very young ones are with them, as they just jump and run in all directions with abandon. And, for 13 years, no deer has died by our house. I was SO glad of that.

Until last night. But then I wasn't awake to warn the poor thing.

We would have heard it, surely, except our new AC is loud (cheap and efficient, but loud). If it had cooled off enough last night, after the downpour, the window fan would have been on instead, and we would have heard it - that sound of car hitting deer.

Instead, we awoke to find that she had hobbled to the bit of lawn in front of our pond, near the driveway, and died. And, of course, the DPW won't be available til Monday to remove the poor animal. So, hubby will be moving it to the end of that bit of lawn, for the weekend. House on market with dead deer on lawn isn't good. Maybe we can get the DPW to put a deer crossing sign on that turn. Not that anyone would read it, in the middle of the night, zooming around that curve.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

more shops

2 more shops carrying some of my designs:

Swisher's Yarn Shop
Carol Swisher
327 Ferry St., Danville, PA 17821-1923


Ewenique Yarns
Maggie Kackovitz
130 N Bond St., BelAir, MD 21014-3580

And of course, they're on the retailers page on my site.



Monday, July 23, 2007

It's Out!

The Butterfly Baby Blanket.

The new sweater design is going well, but my hopes of getting it done with 5 hanks of yarn was off the mark. I need another hank. So, I've put this WIP aside to begin work on the whimsical tea cozies and the flower charts for the sweater, til I'm ready to order more yarn.

So far, I'm liking the Aussi Wool. The bulky wt (chunky's more like it, as I get 4 sts/1" with a size 10 ndl) version is made of 4 plies, so it's nice and round. It knits easily, and tho not merino wool soft, it's not rustic either. A bit softer and a bit more bounce than 220.

It's been ages since I've used Galway - the other long-lived plain worsted wt. wool yarn, so I can't compare. I used the Aussi Wool worsted version, doubled, in my Crochet Flower Capelet and it crochets well, too.


Friday, July 20, 2007

Japanese knitting books

OK, trying NOT to think of the house! Even though yesterday was Thursday, which, as we all know by now, is the day I clean the house for the possible Fri-Mon showings. But I didn't go hog wild, I left plenty of time to reknit that twisted ribbing I had to rip out, this time being sure to CO the correct # of sts! I can finish the rest of the cleaning today, as the stand-in agent hasn't called with any appointments.

I love Japanese knitting books. Keitodama is great (I used Yes Asia to get the one copy I had, but have since sold.)

And what I wouldn't give, almost!, to see a copy of Amu Knit Trend. Go here and scroll down, Amu is listed on the right side, along with Keitodama, but if I used XE.com correctly to translate from Korean funds, it looks like Amu is $27. Can't find anyone else who has it. Anyone have used copies??

My Japanese knitting (and crocheting, let's not forget that!) appreciation is not without company, and so, it's nice to see that The Needle Arts Book Shop is importing some Japanese books, to make buying them so much easier and quicker, than even Yes Asia, though, granted, Yes Asia's inventory is much larger. But, it's a good start!



Thursday, July 19, 2007

sorting hat, RE blues

Was reading Annie's blog last night and decided to take the HP test as well. And, as I thought, I'm a Gryffindor.

The sorting hat says that I belong in Gryffindor!

Said Gryffindor, "We'll teach all those with brave deeds to their name."

Students of Gryffindor are typically brave, daring, and chivalrous.
Famous members include Harry, Ron, Hermione, Albus Dumbledore (head of Hogwarts), and Minerva McGonagall (head of Gryffindor).

Take the most scientific Harry Potter
ever created.

Get Sorted Now!

RE blues
Got an inch past the 5.5" of twisted ribbing (shown yesterday) and had to rip the thing out. Apparently, my brain was on vacation, again, and I miscounted how many sts I had in the rib. Oy. I'd like to blame it on menopause, but that's not totally fair. This HOUSE is consuming my mind. Or rather this house NOT selling is consuming my mind.

Our agent has been in South America since the 4th. We have a stand-in, but she's not the same. Thea is a real go getter, like me. Want something done yesterday, ask Thea. We've only had 1 showing since she left, which would be OK, as this couple loved the house (love-it # I don't know, I gave up counting).

We were on their very short list. It was just between another house and ours. And it looks like ours got the boot, yet again. The stand in agent has 2 calls into the showing agent, and, this is what irks the hell out of me - she gets no reply.

The lackadaisical behavior of these work ethic lacking agents gets under my skin. It's not like it's hopping around here, so that being too busy could be an excuse for not returning phone calls or emails. Nope, it's slowwww here still, RE sales-wise, so there's no excuse.

I wish Thea would hurry on back.

Would be nice to get it sold before our 2 year anniversary (Sept. 1) of it being, mostly, on the market. Of course, there's nothing we like on the market where we're heading - nothing, and I've tried to like some of the houses, but if it doesn't tickle the heartstrings....

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Swimming in WIPs, Ebay?, ISO

Swimming in WIPs
I don't think I've ever had as many WIPs as I have now!

A lady's muffatee on dpns, a man's muffatee on dpns, a long-suffering sock on dpns, and now, a cardigan on a ckn, and as soon as that yarn gets here, will be another design on ndls.

I know the yarn I ordered for the next design is coming today, but could that stop me from casting on a sweater last night and beginning the twisted ribbing - nope.

(I know the eagle-eyed amongst us will notice that the yarn is coming from the wrong side in the photo. I'm actually working on a WS row, but wanted to show the twisted knit sts on the RS row.)

It's been irking for about a week that as I paid for, instead of returned, the errant yarn that the manufacturer sent me, so, I needed to come up with a design for it asap. We gotta make all investments provide a ROI, and the sooner, the better.

So, whilst I've been thinking about the small whimsical design I want to do, and working on the baby blanket charts and pattern (which is nearly done!), I've also been cogitating about what to do with 5, 100 gram hanks of a lovely, sky blue bulky wool yarn. The hank of natural I had to go with it, for some kind of slip stitch or stranded patterning, had to be pulled, to go with the yarn I ordered, as they were out of natural.

So, there I was with just one color of yarn to come up with something nice, and an idea popped up, that I had a few years ago, while growing the hollyhocks. Alas, only a pitiful 2 hollyhocks have come up this year, but, then I've been the MOST un-attentive gardener this year, thanks to the house being on the market, again.

The weedy mess is too embarrassing to show. I've begun to tackle the mess (only because it hasn't been horribly hot here lately, otherwise the weeds could grow to the sky for all I care - I don't DO hot summer days!), beginning with weeding the gravel garden paths and the asparagus bed. But there's more paths and 5 more beds to weed - ufda. I mistakenly wrote wed, instead of weed, and I wasn't far off - a garden is a real commitment.

Anyway, I've long been thinking of embroidering or duplicate stitching hollyhocks onto a plain sweater. So, here's my chance and I've begun to collate photos and work on charts and placement for the pretty things.

And of course, WHAT was in the most recent VK issue? - stitched on roses. So, my idea is not off base.

Note to self - must work on putting some things on Ebay this weekend. Some things are hubby's. I've never sold things on Ebay, only bought stuff.

So, my question is - Is it really as time-consuming to post and sell on Ebay, as I have an idea it is??

And, finally, the interminable ISO
Here's my size 7 Bryspun dpns on the left, barely used, as you can see. Why? I can't stand the concave tips.

On the right, is my much used, slightly bent, old-style size 4 Bryspun dpns, before they improved them - ha. See? Nice smooth, tapered tips, aaaah.

I can't, for the life of me, find these old style Bryspun dpns anywhere.

I am ISO these old-style dpns - will buy, will trade. the longer length preferable - what is it, 7-7.5"? The shorter ones just stab my palms. Anyone want to unload any?

Monday, July 16, 2007

yarn choosing process

I cogitate a long time before choosing a yarn for a new design.

Are the colors right - that's #1. Is the yarn weight right - #2, as I can sometimes work around the yarn weight by doubling the yarn. This is only possible with designs that aren't sweaters. With sweaters, yarn weight comes first, the feel of the yarn is #2, then color comes in #3.

Then (#3 or 4, as the case may be) comes the ability to buy it online for a reasonable (#4 or 5) price, or get it gratis from the yarn company. This has only very recently become an option for me, as Cascade Yarns has graciously offered to supply yarn for my designs.

So, as I was continuing my knitting up of Christmas gifts, yesterday, I ran all these things through my head, back and forth, forth and back, trying to decide on a yarn for the next design.

Finally, the decision was made and I ordered it from Seaport Yarn, the only online shop, it appears to have the yarn available. I got enough yarn for 3 samples and it cost me under $45. This design has been in my head for weeks, waiting for me to get to it.

Now, what is the design, you ask?! From The Winslow Boy - "In the words of the prime minister... "Wait and see.""

I love to watch that movie. Their restrained, English, upper class, Edwardian demeanor is so alien to our expressive American culture. I find it fascinating. And of course, the cluttered, dark, period interiors and corseted attire are enough for me to want to watch it, even if I didn't like the movie.

Back to the design. It will be small and useful and whimsical. That's all she wrote!

And yes, am still working on the baby blanket charts and pattern...


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Absolutely Smitten!

Hubby went to the library, as part of his usual Saturday morning errands and brought home the July 2007 issue of Architectural Digest. I saw the above page and was struck speechless. It is one of the most beautiful floral prints I've ever seen.

Friday, July 13, 2007

It's done! - the Crochet Flower Capelet

Crochet Flower Capelet is a lovely accessory, for covering the shoulders on a cool summer’s eve. It is quick and easy to make, and has no finishing. Each motif is joined to the others on its last round. After blocking, just run the ribbon through it and wear it!

When I designed the pentagon motif (with a central, 5-petal flower), I discovered that, when they were joined in a certain way, they created a curve – the perfect curve to drape around shoulders.

This capelet was sampled using just 2 hanks of Oasis Yarn Aussi Wool Worsted (doubled), a soft Australian wool yarn, which comes in beautiful solid colors, which shows off the patterned ribbons.

New baby blanket design coming next!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

just an update

I've been hard at work on the capelet photos and the baby blanket charts, and will begin the blanket photos today. I could use some sunshine to brighten the room I take the blanket photos in, but with this heat and humidity we've been having, it's better that it's cloudy.

The charts aren't done yet, nor the pattern written, so it will be a while longer before the blanket design is released. When I read of designers that whip out a few written patterns in a day, I laugh - not with most of the designs I generally do.

And I've finally finished changing a few links in the 100+ pages on my site. So, the free patterns link in the top bar is gone. In the side bar, the Sale page is gone and is replaced with Featured Yarns and PDF Cost FAQ links.

While I was on each pattern page, I also added links to each manufacturer's home page, so that knitters can quickly find what the yarn looks like/get a description, etc.

I wish I could say that that's enough html for me for awhile, but I'll be needing to create 2 new pattern pages really soon. Indie designers do NOT get to spend as much time knitting up designs as they would like, or as some might think! - there's far too many other hats to wear in the running of a business.

I should have the new capelet design up by tomorrow or Friday, if today goes well.

Monday, July 09, 2007

designs in progress

The 2nd capelet sample is done and I'm working on the photos.

This photo is from a previous blog post.

They can take as long to get right, as writing and proofing the pattern, sometimes longer. I took them in 4 places inside and outside the house yesterday, trying to get the right light and the right background.

The test is when I print them today. Only then will I know if I have to start again. As much as I hate to wake up this 85 lb. printing beast in this heat and humidity, it must be done, even though it turns my office into a warm oven.

I've also got the new baby blanket design done and blocked.

NOW, there's the long haul of working on 2 large charts, large, as in page-size each. The basics are there - but need to number with specific decreases noted next to many rows. That's really the hardest part of my knitting this design - paying attention to the shaping along the built-in seed stitch edging.

But it will be easy for the knitter, as it will be written right there next to the row #. It would be too confusing, if I just put it in the legend and I'm not looking to make knitters' lives more difficult!

The edging HAD to be knit in. It would have been torture to try and do it later. The good thing is that once the 2 pieces are knit, and their duplicate stitching put in (now THAT'S a relaxing part of doing this project!), there's just one seam to join the pieces and that's it, no more finishing is needed, besides blocking.

Hubby likes it and that's always a good sign. I'll be starting to take photos of it today as well. As soon as I can post a good photo, I will!


Thursday, July 05, 2007

The 4th That Wasn't, Designing

The 4th That Wasn't

It rained from midday yesterday, all day and night. Was still raining when we went to bed. Today, however, is sunny! Isn't that always the way.

When the kids were still home, we'd go to Cantine Field to see the fireworks display and fight off the mosquitos, if it was a muggy day. But that was a decade ago. We don't do such things anymore. The local display is nice and all, but it's not like the one in NYC over the harbor! Certain city things can spoil you.

If we ever get to move, I suppose we'd go to Boston to see their display. That's if we can ever listen to the accent, without keeling over in laughter, or scrunching up our faces quizically, saying, "huh?"

It may be Bahston to them, but it's Bawston to me, more so than hubby. He spent most of his youth on Staten Island. I didn't move there til I was 16. 16 years of Brooklynese is enough to last a lifetime!

We watch the This Old House shows, on occasion, and have to think a bit about what the gahdener guy is saying, because it's not immediately evident to we New Yawkas, who, one day might be drinking cups of cawfee, whilst sitting on the beach looking out over the wawta. It's enough to make any Bahstoner keel over in laughter!

A new design is percolating in the brain, but it needs to stay there til I finish this capelet design and the new baby blanket design. I've warned it - NO jumping the gate this time!

This new crochet capelet design is being sampled in 2 colors of doubled Oasis Aussi Wool Worsted, a soft, squishy yarn in great colors and with a great price.

So, when I needed that 2nd color, they mistakenly sent a different color in their bulky wt. I liked the color and thought, why return it, I'll pay for it and come up with another design.

But today's Thursday, Again, Already, and you know what that means - cleaning the house for the Fri-Mon house showings that may or may not occur. Yeah, watch me go. (Butt is still firmly planted in chair.) OK, here I go... really, I'm getting up now...


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The html program I use to make my own page changes, instead of bothering Jordanna all the time with it, is easy to use, except -

that the text in the html editing window is SO tiny, that I've been pulling my Imac screen to my nose and leaning forward over the desk to read the text. And it's not like reading html is easy to begin with, and inserting code in the right place is critical, so it's been a time-consuming process for me.

Changing the size of the font doesn't work for this window. Hence I've recently acquired one very twinged muscle/nerve? in my mid-back.

Bend - zing, twist - zing, straighten up - zing.

I've got ALOT more html changes to make to my site, and certainly don't want to end up incapacitated, from my contortions, just so I can see the tiny print.

It finally dawned on me last night, that maybe if I just change the screen resolution, whenever I'm doing html, it will make the text large enough to read without contortioning! And, indeed, I tried it this morning and it works. Of course, everything else now is HUGE, but what the hey. I can live with that, while I've got this prog open.

I shoulda thought of this way earlier, and there was a time when I would have thought of this right away, but, apparently I'm taking a mid-life break from rapid-fire thinking!

So, for awhile, you may see some links on some pages and not others - not to fret. There's ALOT of pages in my site, and each page needs to be changed individually. Eventually, I'll get them all to look uniform, once again.

And for now, I'm leaving the Yarns page up, though I'm not in a position to begin dyeing or selling commercial yarn again. But if I do, at least I won't have to re-add the link to a gazillion pages!

Oh and btw, I've added the Featured Yarns resource to my site. The link is in the sidebar - but not on every page yet!


Sunday, July 01, 2007

Featured Yarns in Dawn Brocco Patterns

I thought I'd create a reference for knitters, which organizes my designs by the yarns used in the design samples. I hope it helps you to find a design to knit in a yarn you like!

Featured Yarns in Dawn Brocco Patterns

  1. Manufacturers are listed in alphabetical order.
  2. Please note that if a design was sampled in more than one brand or weight of yarn, it will be listed under each of these manufacturers or weights.
  3. The generic yarn weight is also listed within each pattern.

generic - originally sampled in Tahki Yarns for Knitter's mag, '96
#12 Sweatshirt Jacket

Fisherman Bulky
#21 Country Nights Afghan

#22 Toasty Toes Felted Slippers

#23 Baby’s Building Blocks

#26 Pillbox With Roll Brim

#59 Kids’ Striped Kimono Jacket
#60 Buckled Up Bags!

#1 Tree of Life Pullover

#2 New Sweden

#3 Tree of Life Accessories

#4 Cabled Family Socks

#5 Fulled Family Booties (doubled)

#13 Bird & The Bush

#14 A Touch of The Celts

#25 Campus Duo

#27 Maine Raglan Jacket with Mittens (3-ply, 2-ply)

#27 Maine Raglan Jacket with Mittens (3-ply, 2-ply)

Beaverslide Dry Goods
Worsted wt.
#64 Cropped Cable Pullover with Detachable Turtleneck (doubled)

#77 Making Waves Baby Sweater & Hat Set

Brown Sheep
Lamb's Pride Worsted
#35 Zipped Up Aran Tunic

#36 Diamonds & Cables Knee Socks

#37 Interlocking Cable Socks

#38 Shaped Aran Headband

#39 Aran Purse

#40 High V-Neck Raglan (or Lamb's Pride Bulky)

#41 High V-Neck Rag. for Kids! (or Lamb's Pride Bulky)

#47 Cabled Inset Sleeve Jacket (doubled or Burley Spun)

#48 The Teddy Bear Collection Aran Pullover with Hat

#51 Lily Blossoms II Socks (or Nature Spun Worsted)

#54 Scrumptious Slip Stitch Slipper Socks (doubled)

#55 Scrumptious Shagged Slipper Socks (doubled)

#63 Roses & Cloverleaf Cardigan

Lamb's Pride Bulky
#40 High V-Neck Raglan (or Lamb's Pride Worsted)

#41 High V-Neck Rag. for Kids! (or Lamb's Pride Worsted)

#43 Sweatshirt Jacket for Women

#44 Sweatshirt Jacket for Kids

#45 The Teddy Bear Collection Sweatshirt Jacket

Nature Spun Worsted
#24 Sand & Sea Baby Blanket (doubled)

#50 Lilacs at Night Socks

#51 Lily Blossoms II Socks (or Lamb's Pride Worsted)

#52 Double 9-Patch Clog Socks

#53 Springtime Socks

#56 Houndstooth Check Socks

Top of The Lamb Sport
#46 The Teddy Bear Collection Dress with Shawl

#51 Lily Blossoms II Socks (or Lamb's Pride Worsted)

Burly Spun
#47 Cabled Inset Sleeve Jacket (or doubled Lamb's Pride Worsted)

Cascade Yarns
Eco and Eco+

#26A Pillbox With Roll Brim (tripled)

#31A Kids’ Jester Hat & Mittens (doubled)

#77 Making Waves Baby Sweater & Hat Set

#78 Flower Baby Blanket (doubled)

#79 Strawberry Baby Blanket (doubled)

#80 Watermelon Baby Blanket (doubled)

#81 Pumpkin Patch Baby Blanket (doubled)

#75 Cap-Sleeve Summer Cardigan

Classic Elite
La Gran
#82 Breath of Spring

Fingerlakes Woolen Mill
Soft Wool 2-ply
#9 Woven Herringbone Tote

Garden Yarns (my hand-dyed cashmere yarn)
#67 Fan Stitch Crochet Beaded Scarf and Pin

#68 Simply Lovely Beaded Hat & Scarf

#69 Twisted Cable Neck Warmer

#70 Twin Rib Warmer Set

#73 Flower Garden Neck Warmer

#74 Double Knot Cable Scarves

Halcyon Yarns
#57 Touch of Honey Clog Socks

Helvetia Shepherds
#61 Alsacian Scallops Scarf and Mittens

Aristocrat 12-ply and Easy care 12-ply
#42 Rosebud Lace Cardigan

#72 Crochet Mini Bags (doubled)

JCA Reynolds
#15 Leapfrog!

#16 Fulled Snow Pals

#17 Wild Rose Raglan

#18 Caterina

#19 Dragonfly Frieze

#20 Woodland Trio Pullover

#28 Primrose Garland Jacket & Cloche

#33 Cabled Norwegian Tunic

Lily Chin Collection
#82 Breath of Spring

Naturally Yarns
#29 A Bevy of Baby Socks

Aspiring 8-ply, Guernsey 8-ply, Luxury DK
#30 Cabled Clog Socks

Natural Wool 14-ply
#34 Scottish Fleet Tunic

Soy Wool Stripes
#82 Breath of Spring

#83 Flower Basket Purse

Peace Fleece
worsted wt.
#76 Cropped V-Neck Raglan

#83 Flower Basket Purse

#65 Working Cables Cardigan

#66 Floral Brooches

#71 Fan Stitch Capelet

Plymouth Yarns
Alpaca Boucle
#26A Pillbox With Roll Brim (doubled)

#62 Alpaca Boucle Kimono Jacket & Purse (doubled)

#32 Girls’ Guernsey Coat (doubled)

Baby Alpaca DK
#58 Smocked Rib Cardigan (doubled)

#75 Cap-Sleeve Summer Cardigan

Peer Gynt
#49 Art Nouveau Rose Socks

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