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Monday, July 16, 2007

yarn choosing process

I cogitate a long time before choosing a yarn for a new design.

Are the colors right - that's #1. Is the yarn weight right - #2, as I can sometimes work around the yarn weight by doubling the yarn. This is only possible with designs that aren't sweaters. With sweaters, yarn weight comes first, the feel of the yarn is #2, then color comes in #3.

Then (#3 or 4, as the case may be) comes the ability to buy it online for a reasonable (#4 or 5) price, or get it gratis from the yarn company. This has only very recently become an option for me, as Cascade Yarns has graciously offered to supply yarn for my designs.

So, as I was continuing my knitting up of Christmas gifts, yesterday, I ran all these things through my head, back and forth, forth and back, trying to decide on a yarn for the next design.

Finally, the decision was made and I ordered it from Seaport Yarn, the only online shop, it appears to have the yarn available. I got enough yarn for 3 samples and it cost me under $45. This design has been in my head for weeks, waiting for me to get to it.

Now, what is the design, you ask?! From The Winslow Boy - "In the words of the prime minister... "Wait and see.""

I love to watch that movie. Their restrained, English, upper class, Edwardian demeanor is so alien to our expressive American culture. I find it fascinating. And of course, the cluttered, dark, period interiors and corseted attire are enough for me to want to watch it, even if I didn't like the movie.

Back to the design. It will be small and useful and whimsical. That's all she wrote!

And yes, am still working on the baby blanket charts and pattern...

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