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Thursday, July 05, 2007

The 4th That Wasn't, Designing

The 4th That Wasn't

It rained from midday yesterday, all day and night. Was still raining when we went to bed. Today, however, is sunny! Isn't that always the way.

When the kids were still home, we'd go to Cantine Field to see the fireworks display and fight off the mosquitos, if it was a muggy day. But that was a decade ago. We don't do such things anymore. The local display is nice and all, but it's not like the one in NYC over the harbor! Certain city things can spoil you.

If we ever get to move, I suppose we'd go to Boston to see their display. That's if we can ever listen to the accent, without keeling over in laughter, or scrunching up our faces quizically, saying, "huh?"

It may be Bahston to them, but it's Bawston to me, more so than hubby. He spent most of his youth on Staten Island. I didn't move there til I was 16. 16 years of Brooklynese is enough to last a lifetime!

We watch the This Old House shows, on occasion, and have to think a bit about what the gahdener guy is saying, because it's not immediately evident to we New Yawkas, who, one day might be drinking cups of cawfee, whilst sitting on the beach looking out over the wawta. It's enough to make any Bahstoner keel over in laughter!

A new design is percolating in the brain, but it needs to stay there til I finish this capelet design and the new baby blanket design. I've warned it - NO jumping the gate this time!

This new crochet capelet design is being sampled in 2 colors of doubled Oasis Aussi Wool Worsted, a soft, squishy yarn in great colors and with a great price.

So, when I needed that 2nd color, they mistakenly sent a different color in their bulky wt. I liked the color and thought, why return it, I'll pay for it and come up with another design.

But today's Thursday, Again, Already, and you know what that means - cleaning the house for the Fri-Mon house showings that may or may not occur. Yeah, watch me go. (Butt is still firmly planted in chair.) OK, here I go... really, I'm getting up now...

I have been to Chicago at least once and Boston twice for the 4th. My fave memory was the year we were on the shoreline at Winthrop, just north of Logan Airport. A friend of a friend was holding a can of Sprite and held it out to me, asking "Do you want a Coke?" Aaaah, Boston. The best.

That year I made friends with some children. I had some kazoos with me and when everyone else was saying "Ooooh" at the fireworks, we were cooing into our kazoos together in unison. Same melody, different words. Very fun.

I, too, am fighting (not as well as you) to stay on as-yet-unfinished designs rather than starting on new ones. I'm so ready for new anything!
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